Drink West Drink Best

Introducing Drink West, Drink Best- celebrating the WA Beer industry.   

Boasting world class beer, cider, spirits and more from some of the country’s most unique and iconic breweries, West Australians don’t need to look out of state to find a beer lover’s paradise.  This is the sentiment behind the ‘Drink West Drink Best’ campaign launched by the West Australian Brewers Association (WABA).   

A message meant to unify and strengthen WA Beer and its allied industries, WABA members are encouraged to adopt and celebrate the Drink West, Drink Best brand and message to encourage West Australians to think local and support the WA Beer industry when selecting their beverage of choice.

How to get involved?

  1. Use the hashtag #drinkwestdrinkbest when sharing pictures producing, bottling, drinking, or enjoying West Australian beer, cider or spirits on Social and other media platforms. 
  2. Encourage your supporters and followers to use the hashtag #drinkwestdrinkbest.  The public is our greatest ally in spreading the message.
  3. Download and use the assets provided to celebrate the Drink West, Drink Best message.  The assets can be used as is, or incorporated into existing branding.  The Drink West, Drink Best goal is sharing a “Support local = Support WA” message, as such WABA requests that any alterations are in line with this intent. Please contact WABA for further information or guidance surrounding this. WABA supports ABAC guidelines, and recommends that businesses use ABAC resources to ensure best practice. More information can be found HERE.
  4. Download the campaign assets HERE.


The Western Australian beer industry includes nearly 100 breweries, from inner-city brewpubs and regional icons to large production breweries, gypsy breweries and more. WABA’s Drink West, Drink Best campaign celebrates this diverse and fascinating family, which employs 10,000 West Australians, with a proud and inclusive spirit.

Drink West, Drink Best acknowledges and celebrates Western Australia’s historical contribution to the national beer industry, and its multifaceted modern diversity, something which all WA beer drinkers can embrace.

Drink West, Drink Best builds upon the national #keepinglocalalive campaign, and WABA encourages the use of both. WABA’s Drink West, Drink Best campaign is born from inclusivity, and promoting the WA beer industry.

Media Release HERE.

Drink West Drink Best’ Carton

The ‘Drink West Drink Best’ mixed carton features 16 of WA’s finest beer and ciders.   Hitting the shelves at BWS and Dan Murphy’s from 19 August 2020, the carton will launch the campaign to the West Australian public.

The West Australian Brewers Association encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol. 

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