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The Western Australia Brewers Association (WABA) was formed in 2001 to assist and promote the craft brewing industry of W.A.

Our organisation represents the growing consumer demand for more flavourful beers, the use of quality ingredients, and a greater choice of products. We are a member driven organisation that also works with the craft beer community to:

  • Enhance the status and general awareness of microbreweries in WA
  • Promote brewing and beer education
  • Help represent the interest of Members within the general community
  • Work with the Government to assist breweries on issues such as taxation reduction and small business development.
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30 Nov 2021

WA Brewers Association targeting keg theft

The WA Brewers Association (WABA) has released an awareness campaign targeting keg theft and its significant impact on local breweries.  With WA breweries losing between 5 and 20% of their kegs through theft, it can cost the brewing industry around $1million every year in replacement costs and lost sales.  Following a number of significant keg […]


18 Nov 2021

Drink West Drink Best mixed carton release

As part of the ongoing Drink West Drink Best campaign, where West Australians are being encouraged to think local and support their beer industry, the WA Brewers Association (WABA) has once again released a mixed carton of some of WA’s finest beers. In partnership with Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM), the Drink West Drink Best mixed […]


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