WA beer in State Parliament

Through outgoing Vice President Aaron Heary, WABA has an important opportunity to showcase the industry to every State MP at a special event in October.

WABA has secured a session in the WA Parliament Dining Hall on October 16 whereby eight members brewers will have the chance to supply samples to MPs of all political persuasions.

This is a great opportunity for breweries and their representatives to discuss their operations and any legislative issues with the relevant politicians.

However, WABA will need to pay for the privilege. The costs include a fee of $45 for every MP that confirms in advance they will be attending. The event will run from about 5pm to 7.30pm on the night.

To help with the cost WABA is opening up the eight brewery positions to expressions of interest. There will be a fee for the breweries to take part – at this stage around the $375 mark plus supply of beer. Attending breweries will have the opportunity to set up a small one-man tasting table with branding to promote their businesses.

This event will provide access to key decision makers that just cannot be obtained through normal channels.

Breweries with initial interest should contact Executive Officer Ross Lewis via the WABA email address or 0409 770 788.


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