12 Jun 2017

Upcoming Events Schedule

A little schedule of what’s upcoming in the beer world to help keep  your calendars in line. Receivables for Perth Royal Beer Show- June 20-21 Perth Royal Beer Show Judging –  June 25-26 Perth Royal Beer Show Awards Show – June 30 Perth Royal Beer Show Exhibitors Tasting – July 1 2pm-5pm More info on Perth […]


Bootleg Brewery new label
06 Feb 2017

A different stride for Bootleg Brewery

By Ross Lewis, The Sip. One of the old stagers of WA brewing has undergone a rejuvenation. After 22 years in the beer caper the crew at Bootleg Brewery believed the brand needed a spruce up. The changes followed the departure of former head brewer and more recently the leader of the front-of-house operation Michael […]


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