Keg Theft

No one wants to drink like a fish for real. That’s why every keg that’s stolen needs to be replaced,
which costs WA breweries around $1 million every year and raises the price of a pint. And that’s
a tragedy that affects us all.

Keg theft has consequences for everyone

With WA breweries losing between 5 and 20% of their kegs through theft, it’s a big burden on the brewing industry and massive loss in replacement costs and lost sales. Keg theft can drive up the price of a pint when breweries try to recoup their losses.

Together, we can save beer

So, if you’re looking for second hand kegs online via Gumtree or Marketplace, don’t buy branded ones that have likely been stolen. Instead, report it to the brewery or keg rental company that it belongs to. Together, we can protect our kegs and save beer.

Find a list of our brewery members or contact keg rental companies Konvoy and Kegstar.

  • Kegstar – Ph: 1800 Kegstar
  • Konvoy – Ph: 1800 Konvoy

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