Cryer Malt

Cryer Malt has been at the forefront of craft brewing since the birth of the industry and a vital supporter to the WA Brewing Industry.   WABA is proud to list them as our industry partner and a proud supporter of the 2017 WA Beer Week.

A few words from Cryer Malt

Cryermalt began trading in the very early days of the New Zealand craft beer scene, when microbreweries such as Emerson’s and Harrington’s were just starting out. The company was formed in 1991. David Cryer recognised the limited selection of malts available in New Zealand at the time and began to supply these new breweries with a range of specialty malts. David and Clare Cryer have supported the burgeoning brewing sector ever since, setting up warehouses in Christchurch, Auckland, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney to supply them.

We take great pride in standing shoulder to shoulder with the brewers who have been at the forefront of the modern craft beer movement in Australasia. We’ve witnessed the astounding growth of craft brewing over the last couple of decades, which has exceeded all expectations. We’re honoured to have been able to turn our hand to the wheel in support of the people dedicated to making excellent beer and not afraid to push the boundaries.

We source the finest malted barley and adjuncts from around the globe. In Australia we supply Barrett Burston Malting Pty Ltd, making Australia’s best quality malt since 1860 sourced from VIC, SA, WA, NSW and QLD. These brands along with the world-renowned Weyermann®, Bairds, Thomas Fawcett and Dingemans make up a superior range of raw materials for brewing.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to supply the brewing trade with the best and freshest ingredients, on a quick turnaround from stock held, so brewers have the freedom and confidence to innovate and create consistently great beer to meet the demands of the rapidly growing ‘Good beer’ movement across Australasia and the Pacific.



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