18 Jun 2020


Friday, July 17th  2020

4.00pm – 4.30pm meeting start

  1. Welcome, apologies and attendance
  2. F20 Reports (President and Treasurer)
  3. Election of Committee Office Bearers – President, Vice- President, Treasurer and Secretary
  4. F21 strategy 
    1. Protect (Container deposit scheme update, stolen kegs) 
    2. Promote (WA Beer Week, PRBA, Freo Beer Fest and Drink West, Drink Best cartons and branding and new logo). 
    3. Support  (education sessions,  F21 Brewers Conference)  
  1. F21 fee update and proposed budget breakdown 
  2. WABA Executive Officer role
  3. Proposal for updates to WABA Constitution
  4. Seven West Beer Guide offer
  5. General Business 

In accordance with the WABA constitution, all positions are vacated and Ordinary (Full Brewery) Members vote for a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Should you wish to nominate for any of the WABA Committee roles, please email .

Only Ordinary (Full Brewery) Member or Proxies are allowed to vote on business under the constitution.

Ellerslie Hops will be providing some light snacks following the AGM, we invite you to stick around for some refreshments and good times.

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