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16 Jun 2020

Statement by WABA

The Western Australia Brewers Association has been developed to support our members in the WA brewing industry and to further promote WA Beer.  We support and encourage the conversation and reflection the current Black Lives Matter movement and community is bringing to the forefront and to our industry in regards to the lives of black and indigenous people in Australia and around the world.  

We do not comment on our members and their business practices; however, the WA Brewers Association is available to support any member seeking advice or support and we will help facilitate open and honest dialogue between our members and the public.  As an organisation we support equality, diversity and inclusivity throughout the WA beer industry. 

We believe in the positive influence of beer bringing people together for fun, discourse and meaningful human interaction.  Throughout history, beer has been used to help facilitate conversations amongst various groups of people.  We believe that it’s in this spirit of togetherness that WA beer is best enjoyed. 

Western Australia Brewers Association 16 June 2020

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