10 Jun 2020

Perth Royal Beer Awards is open.

After a March postponement,  the Perth Royal Beer Awards- the state’s premier beer competition- has been rescheduled for August 2020. Entries are now open.  

Brought to you by the Royal Agricultural Society of WA and part of the Perth Royal Food Awards,   entries are open until 3 July 2020, with judging occurring August 10 to 12, 2020.

Amateur Beer Awards

The Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RASWA) Beer Committee have come to the decision that, as of this year, the Amateur Beer Awards will no longer take place.  A prior decision to bring the Beer Awards in line with the wider Perth Royal Food Awards means that the competition needs to fit in line with the overall purpose.  Namely, that the competition help identify commercially available products of exceptional quality for the buying public and support the people and businesses which produces them.

The Perth Royal Beer Awards has – until now – been unique among the Perth Royal Food Awards competitions in maintaining an amateur competition.

Key competition facts for the 2020 Perth Royal Beer Awards competition are as follows;

Entries Open/Close June 3 to July 3, 2020
Delivery – August 3 to August 4 ,2020
Judging – August 10 to August 12, 2020

For 2020 entry information or to submit entries, head to:

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