12 Feb 2020

2020 WA Beer Week

12th – 21st June 2020

WA Beer Week is a 10-day celebration of WA craft beer that takes place at the best bars, bottle-shops, breweries and restaurants across WA.  In 2019, WA Beer Week featured over 45 exciting events, 1 Amazing Flagship venue, 2 satellite festivals and beer and food promotions around the city.

From June 12th-21st, we will celebrate the best of WA and interstate breweries,  WA hospitality and with YOU, the pint loving public, will come together for the love of GREAT BEER. From beer-gustations to beer treasure hunts to beer half marathons and everything in between, there is a little something for everyone at the 19th Annual WA Beer Week.  Join us in supporting and celebrating the WA craft beer industry!

WA Beer Week is proudly sponsored by the West Australian Brewers Association and supported by an array of people, volunteers and organisations that create, consume and appreciate quality craft beer.

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