24 Jan 2017

Changing the dates for the 2017 WA Beer Week… a timely debate

Without a doubt the 2016 WA Beer Week was one of the best weeks yet with some incredible events, epic beer collaborations,  one amazing festival and a good time had by all.   That being said,  we are always looking for ways we can improve and make the festival better- and we want your feedback!

For the 2017 WA Beer Week, WABA have been discussing the possibility of changing the dates for the WABeerWeek for 2017 and/or 2018.

The potential dates we have discussed and put out to members have been late June/ early July 2017 (with an anchor to the Perth Royal Beer Show) or a long term option of changing it to March 2018.   

We feel that the benefits of hosting the event at these times will:

– Avoid clashing with festivals and events held in November.

– Increase profitability to the event holders during the low winter season if in June.

– It is a great opportunity to showcase WA Beer to interstate judges attending the PRBS Awards.

– Increase ticket sales to event holders.

Negatives would be the proximity of the proposed date, the logistics of changing the date,  and the weather.  If the event remains in November than the proposed dates would be Nov. 10-19.

We are aware that changing the dates for 2017 would be a challenge, which is why we have broached it with our members as well as some key players in the craft beer scene to see if it would be feasible and/or beneficial to change it to one of these new dates.

We are committed to the continued growth and development of WA Beer Week and are looking to make the best decision for our members, event holders and the beer loving public.  If you have any feedback, please post your comments below or contact us directly.

We are also looking for committed volunteers to join the 2017 WA Beer Week committee. If you are interested, please contact us on .


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